Saturday, 27 September 2014


An another eared information seem to be a hub ; haul us to join the keeping held for  lighting
as a stadium as a gallery
there are provide a  filed seemed save SUN realty after completing all of humanized booting work &
like an another  stolen nature starting at end of last worldly and spiritual real dreamy world;  
starting from star-world synchronizing respect to ;limit (human spirit) and base ( as should-able elementary world)   creatively exchanges all the voluminous curricula  to make a real C.V. of the  desirable mysterious  world*
Spirit comes should like here respect to wanted world! 

How ever the main thing between the infinity possibility ans probability showing an enable and disable 
  curricula so for  live  using destroy and creative nature concern ; 
So without revulsion & revolution no thing allocatable from free caloric world from infinity +1 world energy! 

today i assumption a common feature let  before 1core million or+1   
this world timing were 30 hours!!!!

As a dead star light naturally off ..but we to do no off yet no off side hence new live concern.

Made on evaluated world !!

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