Friday, 26 December 2014

Search for old(prime) broken trust & its ultimate result

In Broken trust realty we find himself like a dummy of time & time ;again & again we are in
simple motion victimized by continental elementary world & if we try to return with our best form or not be a crowds against any Diabolical creativity ; one day we pass it successfully!(Alla) with 
own form in sources of vast purified purity of world.
Story or news making a non-forgiveness not a subject of any vast project about all the eternal true presence of  trust & broken trust at our universal view .
little causes ever not for disposable wealth until our inner no get original peace & integrity.  

A hidden information about our project in original form my a drafts saved by other hand already as
28.11.12 from a   

As a project worker  my activity now play for a commitment there are no date without my father return to
world again with full integrity of  One time.(no bargaining)
my all the supernatural power  want to say it!


Shendi-Aapke Toefl exam score mein change hai
Shendi-RTO se license nahi milega
Shendi-Malishka BMC ko donkey provide karengi
Shendi-Sir ka farewell hai

Hansi Toh Phansi
Jul 2, 2014
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Jai Ho
May 31, 2014
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