Sunday, 26 June 2016

In real nothingness /blue star

In real nothingness 
the world became however false statement less 
the excited ability no return  to bless 
In real nothingness 
while you try to over the crossness
keep on your platform hence only yo know the best 
over the cross line   reach the blind possibility
you at new searchlight
all the dream twits in sweet spirit only on freedom screen 
whatever all the picture makes shadow for truth to highlight seen 
study wait for you to ask alive ,why all the twittering stop 
when you join that devoting sky in top 
with birds for recognize your world.  

Teenagers decide to pass idle time by playing an online game that has a horror theme. But the action taking place on their computer screens becomes a terrifying reality when they realize that each time a character dies during the game, the figure's human overseer dies as well.
Initial releaseMarch 24, 2006

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