Monday, 30 May 2016

NO BIRTH again grow your motion

IF WE NO BIRTH again no grow; our motion some curative creativity sometimes showing that exclusions on our total motive length these occurrences apparently correct. Here something surpluses through attracting us these we use to habitual worldly . The charms of life quite strokes WHILE WE KNOW THAT IMPORTANT IN FORMATIONS AS PERMANENTLY . SO KIND OF GOD THUS WE GAIN OUR NEW HABITUAL WORLD RATHER THAN THAT. Addiction of life no more  if we believe materials and soul just live in at last free immortality. Free something dedication  and creative in creator's joy always in universal eternity. No end your metabolic forever it would be from god bless One eyes in only One retina. EXCHANGE MORE WHILE WE IN CONNECTING VARIOUS COLOURFUL INFORMATION WORLD WITH GOD BE CONFIDENCE NO DEFEAT EVER WITH YOUR SOUL MINE.

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Soul Miner's Daughter Rhapsody Lyrics

In the rumors sung by brokenhearted jesters yesterday
They say your voice can carry 'cross the seven seas
And the people to the east
They say you bring good magic strong enough
To force a man of power to his knees
So I been digging through my mind
To find some other kind of creature
Comfort different from the ones I always seem to feed
'Cause I've been filling empty rooms with nothing but my breath
For far too long before you came to harmonize your notes with me
And breathe your life into my poetry
The reason for my rhapsody
I could cheer and call you muse
When you come down on when that shake the trees
And interupts the state that I am in
(And interupts the state that I am in)
Bring me matter sane enough
To chase away my ghosts that I might sing of something deeper then my skin
I call you cheer I call you muse
When you come down and straighten out the words I twist
Dare to think but never dare to say outloud
And paint my soul a wild red
You bring enough to scare a man or God away
And chase the blues out of my head
Back to the sky where they can stay and watch you jealosly
The reason for my rhapsody
So take me down
On the rhytm
Dance, but take me up on my disease
And fill my coffee up with riddles
When I find it hard to speak
And bring your colors to my canvas
When my inspirations done
And paint a picture worth a thousand words
When all I need is one
So now my pencil won't lay down for rest or better thinking
And I aslave the tender notes I keep
I lie awake in bed not living well enough alone for shadow dancing
And this is not a night for sleep
This is a stary night of monster instituions
A broken hearted jesters song and those that go away
And gentle men blow saxophones
Announcing their departure
To break the state of mind I'm in
I'll be with those who stayed
And pace the magic of your melodies
The reason for my rhapsody


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